Corporate Governance

Zamia recognises the importance of good corporate governance in the effective management of the company and protection of its employees and shareholders. Robust corporate governance practices produce a corporate culture of openness and integrity that can filter through to all aspects of its business.

To this end, the Board and management are committed to implementing and maintaining effective corporate governance policies and procedures and to follow all applicable laws and regulations in all areas of business.

Safety and Health

Safety and health is essential to a business' integrity and sustainability. It is a foundation value that will not change and as such builds confidence in its employees, the community and shareholders.

Zamia believes that:

  • Employees', consultants’ and contractors' safety is vital
  • Education should be available to ensure employees are equipped to take responsibility for their own safety and that of colleagues and all visitors to operating sites
  • Good safety performance will enable us to achieve our operational and financial goals

To facilitate this, as an employer, Zamia will:

  • Provide education and safety management systems
  • Commit employees and contractors to all Company procedures and laws in safety, health and environment
  • Ensure the use of personal protective equipment
  • Actively participate in the identification and elimination or control of hazards
  • Report all incidents, injuries and hazards

Diversity Policy


  • Zamia is and will continue to be made up of individuals with diverse skills, values, backgrounds and experiences.
  • Zamia recognises that drawing our workforce from a diverse pool will give us the best talent to most effectively deliver our strategy and achieve our goals.
  • In order to attract and retain a diverse workforce Zamia is committed to providing an environment in which all employees are treated with fairness and respect, and have equal access to opportunities available at work.
  • This Diversity Policy guides the Zamia Board and management in developing diversity objectives for the Group.

Policy Statement

Valuing and managing diversity means that Zamia will:

  • Facilitate equal employment opportunities based on relative ability performance or potential;
  • Help to build a safe work environment by taking action against inappropriate workplace and business behaviour that does not value diversity including discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and vilification;
  • Develop flexible work practices to meet the differing needs of our employees;
  • Attract and retain a skilled and diverse workforce as an employer of choice;
  • Create an inclusive workplace culture.

What is diversity at Zamia?

  • Diversity at Zamia refers to all the characteristics that make individuals different from each other.
  • It includes characteristics or factors such as religion, race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other area of potential difference.
  • Diversity at Zamia is about the commitment to equality and the treating of all individuals with respect.

Our Commitment

  • Zamia has a strong commitment to gender diversity which is demonstrated by a substantial representation of female employees.
  • Gender diversity will continue to be a key strategic focus for Zamia in the coming years.
  • The Board will formulate measurable diversity objectives that can be modified form time to time but will always conform to the underlying policy framework.
  • The Board will annually assess progress towards achieving the objectives and that progress will be disclosed in each annual report.
  • The Board, or appointed Board Committee, will annually review and report on relative participation of women and men in the workplace and remuneration levels by gender in a way that is accurate and not misleading.